Message from CEO - VIPsearch


In today’s business, studies have shown that high performing companies create a coherent link between leadership strategy, talent management programs (including talent acquisition strategy) with their business strategy. Most of these companies understand this and they build a leadership development strategy which uniquely trains, supports and selects people who drive their business strategy.

The South East Asian Region and Vietnam in particular are emerging markets that attract investment. These very inflows of increasing investments have brought a lot of growth opportunities as well as challenges making it important to adapt to change. So the question is how to be successful in those countries? Most of the answers from our clients point to Human Capital Quality in the company.

With over a decade of experience in providing executive search and talent acquisition solutions to the leading companies in the Vietnam and Indochina region, we have accumulated market insights, a wide network and last but not least we have our effective process of service delivery and method of search. With this approach, we have confidence to lever higher performance of our clients.

We welcome you to our country and region and we are happy to be at your service.

Mr. Quan Huynh

Message from CEO