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VIPsearch has been in operation since 2003 providing excellence in executive search and talent acquisition solutions in the Vietnam and Indochina region.

We recognize the importance of deep local knowledge and insight in providing clients with the best possible solutions for their people management processes in Vietnam.

VIPsearch was set up to service an important market change. Vietnam’s entry into the WTO in 2006 opened the door for foreign and international investment into the country as well as make Vietnam home for numerous corporations across various industries and sectors. The very inflow of these investments and corporate activity created, and is still creating, thousands of management level placement opportunities. However this change also gave rise to challenges due to the lack of high quality human resources processes in Vietnam at the time. At VIPsearch, we play the role of being a key connector between high-level executives and organizations to place the best possible professionals in the right job when required for uninterrupted business performance.

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